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President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev stated:


Economy - is the cornerstone of every development. The successful economic development is already a reality, a fact. Our goal is to develop and to modernize Azerbaijan.



Companies CTC Holding

Caspian Technology

CTC Holding is the first company in Azerbaijan engaged in alternative energy sources, especially wind and solar power. Besides the erection ...


Hobako Construction

“Hobako Construction” LLC founded in 2009 and implements different projects in the construction industry in Azerbaijan and abroad.


CTC Tourism

Azerbaijan was an important stop on the Silk Road in ancient times was known as a country. The development of tourism in the country was ...


CTC Agro

CTC Agro company has started its operations in 2006, within a short period of time has made a number of successful projects.


CTC Association

CTC Association Ltd is an independent statutory entity with its operations in 2008 - in Commercial Taxes Department was ...


Project in Agro culture

Greenhouse projects


Cattle-breeding complex


Water project


Food Sectors