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Food Sectors

Sunflower oil

In accordance with the requirements of the developing market, CTC Agro imports sunflower oils of high quality produced in foreign countries. Sunflower oil which is produced with high technology determines in the markets of Azerbaijan and foreign countries.



Corn oil

According to the demand of the consumers company realizes the import of corn oil and provides its sale in local and foreign markets with high quality.



Tomato paste

Pointing on the best service and high qualified product CTC Agro prossesses high developmnet and prospects in terms of quantity of import. The company realizes the sale of the tomato paste produced abroad in Azerbaijan as well as in foreign market.


Vegetable products

One of the main activities of the company is production of the agriculture products of high quality. CTC Agro has built fully automated greenhouse complex for providing population with agriculture products such as tomato, cucumber and pepper products during cold seasons of the year. The vegetable products cultivated in the complex endure to high competition in the local and foreign market.


Water and soft drinks

Taking into account the increasing need for mineral water ,company has constructed water filling plant which meets modern standards in the territory of Khyzy region. It is presented to consumers in the name of "Qars su". Our company intends to produces natural fruit juices. Especially producing products is exported to foreign countries.


Chicken meat

CTC Agro organizes import of chicken meat of high quality to Azerbaijan. Best on healthfood principles realizes the sale of products of high demand.