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CTC Tourism

Azerbaijan was an important stop on the Silk Road in ancient times was known as a country. The development of tourism in the country was reflected in the legislative acts . In 1999, the National Assembly "on tourism" law was adopted. July 27, 1999, Heydar Aliyev "On Tourism" on the application of the Law of Azerbaijan Republic "signed a decree. This law in Azerbaijan Republic tourism market legal basis for the establishment of aims of state policy principles, tourism activities, the principles of detection, in the tourist area relationships, adjusting the socio-economic development of tools that tourism as one source of efficient use of rules was detected. On September 25, 2001 in Seoul, South Korea, the World Tourism Organization (WTO) at the XIV General Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan became a member of the international tourist organization. This, in its turn, and practical recommendations to help the country's tourism activities allowed.

About the history of Azerbaijan and Tourism Azerbaijan is situated in the South Caucasus, on the western coast of the Caspian Sea, creating a door between Europe and Central Asia. This wonderful country is famous for its beautiful nature, ancient culture and history, traditions consisting of the elements of different culture and civilizations as well as the lives of the ancient inhabitants of the country. Azerbaijan is one of the oldest habitations of the world. The Universal has lived its history in all stages of development period in this land. The richness of the country 9s nature, resources draws attention of many people. The tourists coming to Azerbaijan adore the rich nature, fresh air and the wells in here. Flora and fauna of Azerbaijan is very rich, and one can see most of the herbal types spread in the world in Azerbaijan as well.Guba, having a rich history and nature, plays a great role in socio-economic, political and cultural life of Azerbaijan. There are 134historical-archeological monuments, including such barrows as Gultepe, Charigtepe, Pirtepe and different tombs, temples and mausoleums, also the mosques like Haji Jafar, Sekinekhanim and Juma belonging to XIX century. The village Khinalig, having unique specific features, and the inhabitants of which makethe separate ethnographic group is the residence of high ancient culture. The inhabitants coming from different religious backgrounds have been livingtogether for centuries and this can be an example of tolerance in our country. Recently, very important infrastructuralprojects have been implemented,including the construction of the hotels, tourism objects, culture and industrial institutions, and the new roads have been constructed in Guba. Thepreservation of Gubafs historical view, renovation of ancient monuments and the efficient use of tourism opportunities make it obligatory to widen the renovation process in the city.


About Nazli Bulag

"Nazli Bulag Resort" is situated 150 km away from Baku and 25 km away from Guba in surrounding of rivers and beautiful mountain ranges, in one of the beautiful places of Azerbaijan. The Resort includes such services as comfortable cottages, 24 hour room service, access to internet, Conference hall, rent of horses, phaetons and bikes, Tour to Khinalig, safari tours, mini-club, restaurant with national cuisine, park service, laundry, show programs, bar\ stadiums for such sports as tennis, football, volleyball.