Greenhouse project

The modern greenhouse project implemented by CTC Holding OJSC is located in Yeni Yashma settlement, Khizi region. The main goal of the project, which covers an area of 21 hectares, is to provide the population with agricultural products - tomatoes, cucumbers, roses in non-agricultural seasons. The project consists of several stages, the first stage of which is planned to cover 21 hectares, and the next stage to increase this figure to 43 hectares.

The project uses advanced Dutch technology.


Cattle breeding complex

Within the development program of cattle-breeding in the area of Khizi region the company realized the construction of 6 bovine cattle-breeding complexes with the dimensions of 35 m- length and 10 m width and 2 small- horned cattle-breeding complex with the dimensions of 30 m length and 10 m width. There are also shepherd home, storages and water basins inside the complex.

At the same time, in recent years, cattle have been imported from Europe and Ukraine as a livestock development.


Food Sector

Milk Pro LLC is one of the companies operating within the Holding that is one of the leading companies operating in the field of dairy products.   In addition to meeting domestic demand, the company's products are exported to a number of neighboring countries.

The company creates "Sevimli Dad", "Sonti", "4U" and other high-quality brands, ensuring that local products are competitive in world markets.


Horticulture, fruit growing

The orchards prepared as CTC Holding are provided with cherry, apple, nectarine, grape and apricot seedlings imported from Turkey. Cordia, Regina, Royal King, Galavala Gala, Golden Ginger, Venus, Orion, Redjim, Black Splendor, Red Globe, Superior Seedless are imported from Turkey. The products of these trees have a richer composition than other species.

Our orchards cover an area of ​​200 hectares in the Guba-Gusar region. It should be noted that these areas are especially selected and have a rich fertile soil cover for horticulture. Also, our trees and orchards are supplied with as much water as possible with special irrigation equipment. As part of our plans, the area of ​​our orchards will be expanded in the coming years, we will have such orchards in different areas and other regions. Due to the high level of agro-technical support, our orchards, consisting of these trees, will provide products for Azerbaijan to export both to its local market and foreign markets.