“Agro Gida” LLC


"Aqro-Gida" Limited Liability Company has passed the State Registration on 22.02.2007 and has established its activity in the field of production and sale of agricultural products since its establishment. Thus, it has started to create a modern glass-covered greenhouse complex of 100,000 m2 on the land owned by the enterprise on the basis of a long-term lease of 16 ha in Yeni Yashma village, Khizi region.

In the first phase of the project, the construction of a 1-hectare greenhouse has already begun. The glass greenhouse to be built (Venlo) has a standard and complex structure. This model is a system with a minimum structure and at the same time a perfect structure, blocking sunlight from entering the maximum area for plant production.

The seedlings grown in the nursery will be sold to CTC Holding OJSC (which has a 10-hectare greenhouse) and at the same time, Agro Gida LLC will be self-sufficient.