About us

CTC HOLDING Open Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as the enterprise) is the legal successor of CTC HOLDING LLC, registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 27.02.1997 under registration number 32851 and was established on its basis. The company was re-registered by the State Registration Office of Commercial Legal Entities of the Baku Tax Department of the Ministry of Taxes in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated 30.04.2007 on the principle of "one window", extract from the State Register of Commercial Legal Entities No. 1401020047814800 dated 31.10.2014 was issued.

CTC Holding, established in 1997 consists of a group of companies that are subordinated and operate in various fields. The companies included in the holding are as follows.

  • "Khizi Agro Park" LLC
  • "Agro Gida" LLC
  • "Khinalig IM" LLC
  • "CTC Service" LLC
  • "CTC Invest" LLC

Khizi Agro Park LLC and Agro Gida LLC, which are part of the holding, are companies operating in the field of agriculture. The main activity of the companies is based on the production and sale of agricultural products.

CTC Service LLC, CTC Invest LLC and MEAT DAIRY" LLC operates in Azerbaijan and abroad with the purchase and sale of various types of agricultural machinery and equipment. The holding includes a recreation complex located in Guba region. "Khinalig IM LLC operates in the field of tourism as a recreation center" Nazli Bulag ". Nazli Bulag Recreation Center is located in one of the magnificent places of Azerbaijan, 150 km from Baku, 25 km from Guba, around rivers, in the mountains. MILK PRO LLC is engaged in the production of milk and dairy products, cooperating with the local market, Russia, Kazakhstan and a number of countries.